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I am a self-taught sculptor with a background in construction. I love the freedom that sculpture affords – the chance to let the imagination run free and with no rules, barring pesky Newton’s physics. With another hat on, I enjoy the discipline of constructing functional pieces, where measurements, angles and accuracy are paramount.
I have a workshop in Surrey, and typically work on my own though I’m lucky to have a few trusted colleagues and suppliers that enable me to tackle larger projects with professionalism.


I am continually producing new work that you could see at an exhibition or here on the website. That said, whether it be a “Silly Clogs” creation or something more practical, I encourage and enjoy the challenge of a bespoke commission. Any commission will begin with getting a clear idea of what you’d like, a drawing or two and then a firm quote before we start work. There’s no such thing as a silly question so please get in touch if there’s something you’d like to discuss.  

Nicholas Baker, Sculptor, Fabricator, Artist



I am a proud member of the Surrey Sculpture Society and currently hold the position of chair.

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